Do you want to go back to work and avoid the "mummy jobs" with no career growth, but are stuck when it comes to figuring out which role is best for you?
Are you driven and committed to a fulfilling career AND a happy family life, yet struggling to reconcile both?
Fear not! It doesn't have to be that excruciating. I believe it is possible to make it all work for you, to achieve your ideal balance, and to thrive both at work and at home. 

Coaching for working parents


To say that being a parent is tough is an understatement. Pursuing a career, starting a new business or simply trying to do your own thing is both incredibly rewarding and yet it adds an extra layer of challenges.  

lt often feels like there's never enough time, enough energy, enough days to do all the things that we would like to have achieved. As a working parent, the pressure is constantly on, and trying to make it all work can be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. I believe having a harmonious family life can rhyme with having a fulfilling career. My mission is to help you create your ideal physical and emotional environment to allow you and your family to thrive.

Coaching is the art of initiating and facilitating an individual's growth and personal development. During our sessions, we will delve into your objectives, challenges and options. I will help you create a tailored action plan and support you as you achieve your goals. I work with you, for you and at your own pace.

My coaching style is a healthy mix of pragmatism and emotional work, combining high energy levels with contagious enthusiasm. I will challenge you to step back and consider all of your options so that you can make fundamental changes and achieve your ideal work life balance. 

Three dimensions to an ideal work/life balance

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to lifestyles. Finding your unique equilibrium in life means taking a good look at everything in it: your thoughts, desires and beliefs, your behaviours, the people who truly matter. Fine tuning the three dimensions of your life will enable you to shape what you want it to be.

Let go of

Some of the toughest challenges are fought within ourselves.

  • Harsh self-judgement
  • Limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Self-imposed and counterproductive guilt
  • Feelings of only reacting to events
  • Overwhelming dilemmas
  • Potential burn-out risks

A balanced environment is key to a healthier, happier and fuller life.

  • A daily family routine that works for everyone involved - yourself, your partner, your kids and your team at work
  • Your ideal childcare solution
  • A career progression to fit your ambition
  • The perfect role at work
Make the most of

Proactive design and long-term planning will ensure the change you want is sustainable.

  • Your time and your conflicting priorities
  • Your energy levels and where to use them
  • Your relationships and the expectations you set with the people in your life
  • Challenging conversations at home and at work

“The sessions with Lucile allowed me to take a step back from the emotional connection to situations and gain some perspective on what control I could take.”

— Nicky, Senior Marketing Advisor, London

Your results and benefits

In addition to reaching their goals, my clients have reported the following positive outcomes:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • A clear action plan
  • Clarity on their "team" at home and at work
  • Improved relationships with key people
  • Renewed motivation to take on new challenges
  • Tangible tools to tackle future obstacles
  • Emotional and mental shifts
  • Well-defined career milestones for a faster-paced progression
  • Improved time management
  • Increased efficiency juggling multiple priorities
  • Shift from mental anxiety to healthy thinking
  • Effective prioritisation of daily tasks
  • A more harmonious lifestyle as a whole

How we work together

After an initial free consultation, we will have an introductory session. This first session, lasting an hour, is all about getting to know you, discussing the area(s) you would like my help with and agreeing the number of sessions you will want to have. Sessions last between one and two hours, a duration which we will agree on to suit your style and the challenges you want to tackle.

Ideally we will meet in person for the first session. Following sessions can then be done in person or by Skype or telephone.

During the course of our sessions, I will also support you via email for any questions you might have along the way.