5 Smart tips to find the career you love


Do you find yourself seeking a new career, feeling like you need a new direction, but at a loss as to WHERE to go and WHAT this career will look like? It seems we are all seeking this professional holy grail: a career that fits what we love, which serves a need and which gives us the lifestyle we want. You might have looked online, in books, asked friends for inspiration, but have you thought about starting with yourself? Here are a few practical and thought-provoking tips to get you started and inspired. 

1. Stop looking for job titles

Instead, look for job qualities: ask yourself, what qualities do I want to express in this job? What would I like to be doing in this job? This is how you will come up with the attributes to your perfect job: creative, people-focussed, collaboration-based, … the list is endless!

2. Find your strongest suit

If you are at loss for where to start looking, and simply have the feeling that what you are doing now is not where you want to be in five years, ask yourself this question: what’s your strongest suit, out of these following areas: people, images, words or numbers?

3. Ask the child in you

Reflect on what you liked as child, and what excited you the most. Going back to your childhood memories is a gold mine, as your hobbies and favourite games then weren’t hampered by constraints and anxieties that now stop you from taking action. The need for money and desire of having a status didn't enter the equation then, and you used to have an endless imagination. The good news is: it’s not gone, you can still tap into it!

4. Go for the WHAT, not the HOW

Let me explain: close your eyes and picture your perfect job or career. Every time you find yourself stumbling on mental obstacles such as “yes, that sounds great, but I don’t have the right qualification for it”, or “I could never do this”, re-centre yourself and go back to asking yourself: what do I want this job to be? The HOW is not taking your closer to finding out the direction you want to go in. Focussing on the WHAT will ensure your motivation grows and remains solid until you achieve it.

5. You are fussy? That's awesome!

Identify the areas of life in which you are particularly picky. If your friends had to point out an area where you are renowned for being fussy, they might be onto a winner: this high level of sensitivity could well be the key to your area of expertise!

These are a few of the many ways to look inside yourself and find a purposeful career. What are your tips to finding a fulfilling job? How do you identify what’s ticking all the boxes for you?