Lucile Knight provides a confidential, unbiased and safe space for working mothers to prepare themselves for maternity leave and ensure they’re ready to make a successful return to work. Her mission is to enable women to navigate the challenging transition from work to motherhood to working parent, coming back to work and keeping their career trajectory up.

Why hire a maternity coach?

Coaching is a proven method to support women as they go through their maternity journey. It supports them as they prepare to leave work, helps them design their return, and ensures they have short, medium and long term career goals that fit with their new family life when they are back at work.


Benefits for the individual

  • Renewed and sustained motivation
  • Higher employee engagement
  • Support during these challenging transitions
  • Renewed focus on career development
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Well-defined career milestones for a faster-paced progression
  • Creation of a long-term vision within the organisation
  • Increased sense of purpose

Benefits for the company

  • Increase the number of women in leadership positions
  • Better retention of talented and high potential individuals
  • Sustain performance throughout the maternity transition, pre- and post-leave
  • Positive impact on employer brand and reputation with working mothers
  • Networking opportunity for working mothers in the company

The facts:

  • Maternity is seen by an overwhelming percent of professional women as one of the most challenging points in their career, with many deciding to take a career break as they cannot find a satisfactory way to reconcile work and family
  • Job and childcare obstacles are the leading reason not to return to work for new mothers (Government study from 2010)
  • In the UK, only 25% of FTSE 100 directors are female (the new target set by Lord Mervyn Davies is 33% by 2020 for FTSE 100 companies)
  • 85% of women find that UK employers are “poor” when it comes to being family friendly (NCT survey)
  • More and more individuals want a family-friendly organisation and purpose in their job, rather than remuneration being the sole compensation

About the programme

Back & Up is a maternity coaching programme designed for companies that want to support their driven and career-committed female employees during their maternity journey. It focuses on their short, medium and longer-term goals and career progression milestones and planning their return to work after maternity leave, covering topics such as their ideal working pattern and flexible working.

The maternity coaching programme consists of six one-to-one coaching sessions, following the structure below:

  • Before maternity leave: two sessions to cover handover and any actions needed before leaving, such as conversations about keeping in touch, when to come back, initial thoughts about how to come back

  • During maternity leave: two sessions to go into more depth into the return to work scenario(s), and delve into the options, preparing for the conversations to make the return happen as smoothly as possible

  • After maternity leave: two sessions; the first one a month in, to touch base and discuss any immediate challenges, the second one six months later, to go over the mid- to long-term career progression goals and smooth out the growing pains of adjusting to a new work/family routine.

The sessions can be done in person or via Skype.  Additional sessions can be provided on a case by case basis, subject to the employer’s agreement.

In addition to coaching, Lucile Knight also helps organisations, where relevant, design the right support structures for mothers-to-be in the workplace (with checklists and workshops for the employee, their managers and the organisation).