Whether you are yet to come back to work after parental leave, are starting your own company or are currently working and juggling family life, Lucile Knight is here to help make it work for you.

"A big first step to getting back my confidence in the workplace"

"Contemplating my return to work after a second maternity leave I am at a career crossroads. My session with Lucile was invaluable in helping to identify what I want from work and/or a new role as a working mum of two.  Lucile encouraged me to assess the obstacles (real or imagined) I perceived to exist in pursuit of any change in career direction and we identified practical next steps for me to take to positively implement this change. The session gave me a new motivation about work and was a big first step to getting back my confidence in the workplace."

— Hannah, Lawyer, London

“Really valuable"

“The sessions with Lucile allowed me to take a step back from the emotional connection to situations and gain some perspective on what control I could take.

The sessions helped me feel more enthusiastic towards a particular life goal which is very important to me; overall the sessions were really valuable and I got a lot out of them.”

— Nicky, Senior Marketing Advisor, London

“Meaningful sessions and journey outcomes”

“Lucile’s coaching was excellent for me because her questions encouraged me to think about various issues. I found that Lucile takes a thoughtful approach to coaching, listening carefully to my comments and guiding me towards meaningful session and journey outcomes. This was a great support, for which I am grateful to Lucile.

Having Lucile’s help to set achievable yet stretching goals was particularly useful because these ensure I kept momentum in my activities.”

— Holger, Communications and Strategy Expert, London

“My coaching sessions with Lucile helped me get unstuck during overwhelming times. She enabled me to clarify, simplify and plan the goals I had set for myself. 

She reminded me of my bigger goal and acted as an external and objective support; seeing the obstacles in line with my bigger goal gave me the courage to tackle them.”

— Tanya, Property Investor, London

"I have achieved a lot"

“Coaching with Lucile has really helped me focus at a time when I’ve wanted to change a lot of aspects of my life. It has also helped me focus on my business and not become overwhelmed by the huge amount of work I needed to do to get it up and running. Breaking down the steps to achieve my goal made it all feel more achievable. 

Lucile has been understanding to my needs and encouraged me to think ‘out of the box’ when coming up with solutions. This has helped me move forward and work through any stumbling blocks. 

So far, because of my coaching, I’ve managed to achieve a lot and I’ve been most grateful for Lucile’s support. I’ve managed to change jobs, move out of the area I was living in, review my values and find more likeminded people, and move my business forward.”

— Chloe, Counsellor, Norwich





“My confidence truly grew as each target was met"

“Lucile challenged me to better structure my career goals from a long term conceptual idea to a more direct and targeted approach towards more definitive goals. Most notably this included a decomposition of these longer term goals into shorter term intermediary targets. This shorter term decomposition created more tangible goals as well as giving me momentum from the confidence and reward of consistently achieving targets. My confidence truly grew as each target was met forcing me to push my ambitions further. 

This approach, I can see, will help me reach my longer term goals faster and also strengthen the structured path between my current status and where I want my career to be. Lucile challenged me to step back and consider options I had to my disposal rather than simply phase through the motions with tunnel vision.

Lucile guided me to better structure and prioritise my daily tasks improving my time management, efficiency and in turn work performance and work life balance. Very quickly this became habitual rather than an enforced structure.”

— Ronan, Energy Advisory Director, London